Manuel Eisenköck

Manuel Eisenköck

Highest Snooker-Break in practice:

Highest Snooker-Break in tournament:

- end of 2007 first attempts on the Snooker table
- mid of 2008 regularly practice
- 1.9.2009 entry to 1. UWBC
- end of 2009 first tournament attempts
- beginning of 2010 first successes in national tournaments 

National Snooker-successes:
- 20.02.2014 Runner up in the 6-RED Turnier in 1.UWBC
- 09.02.2012 Third in the Challenge Region Mid in 1.UWBC
- 22.01.2012 Runner up in the Challenge Region Mid in 1.LSV
- 26.11.2011 Runner up in the Challenge Region Mid in 1.UWBC
- 31.01.2010 Winner of the Challenge Region Mid in 1.UWBC
My targets:
Targets in sports are fun but subsidiary.
The most important thing is to enjoy the game.

Best regards,
Yours Manuel

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The 1. Union Wels Billard Club is not willing to make money.
We are a nonprofit, nonpolitical and nonpartisan club.

Our purpose is to maintain and support the sport of Snooker for our members in every kind.

President: Ing. Christof Fichtner
Chairman: Heinz Schaber / Co-Chairman: Roland Hofmann
Cashier: Peter Pühringer / Co-Cashier: Roman Wiesinger, Ing.DI(FH)
Secretary: Ronald Strasser / Co-Secretary: Christian Scheinecker
Sportsdirector: Günther Eckhart
Auditors: Romana Freudenthaler / Regina Pfistermüller

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1. Union Wels Billard Club

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4600 Wels, Austria.
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Oberbank Wels
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