Oliver Doppler


Oliver Doppler

Highest Break in practice:

Highest Break in tournament:

Highest 14/1 Break:
122 (practice) / 60 (tournament)

Snooker- & Poolbillard-successes:
- 2005/October 1st in Austrian Snooker ranking list
- 2005/06 3rd at Austrian Snooker Championships in Salzburg
- 2005/06 Winner of Snooker ASL-Grand Prixs in Wels
- 2004/05 36th place at European Snooker Championships in Völkermarkt
- 2001/02 Winner of Snooker ASL-tournament in Wels
- 2000-2006 4 wins in regional Snooker ranking tournaments and many top-rankings in Austrian Snooker tournaments
- 1998 Runner up in OÖ-team cup

- 1998/99 Player at PBC Magic Wels in highest Austrian Poolbillard league
- 1998/99 5th in Poolbillard High-Run-Cup
- 1998/99 5th in Poolbillard State Championships in 14/1

Best regards,
Yours Oliver

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The 1. Union Wels Billard Club is not willing to make money.
We are a nonprofit, nonpolitical and nonpartisan club.

Our purpose is to maintain and support the sport of Snooker for our members in every kind.

President: Ing. Christof Fichtner
Chairman: Heinz Schaber / Co-Chairman: Roland Hofmann
Cashier: Peter Pühringer / Co-Cashier: Roman Wiesinger, Ing.DI(FH)
Secretary: Ronald Strasser / Co-Secretary: Christian Scheinecker
Sportsdirector: Günther Eckhart
Auditors: Romana Freudenthaler / Regina Pfistermüller

Homepage: Roman Wiesinger, Ing.DI(FH)


1. Union Wels Billard Club

Adlerstraße 1 VU/05
4600 Wels, Austria.
ZVR: 875456014

Bank institute:
Oberbank Wels
IBAN: AT25 1513 0002 8114 0707


Homepage: Roman Wiesinger, Ing.DI(FH)